(repost) Norton + Quickbooks + SBS = Hours of Extra Work

I had an “interesting” experience this week, where I moved a client from an existing peer-to-peer network to a shiny new SBS03 setup. The user profile migration went well, the e-mail copy-over went fine and didn’t take that long to do manually for 6 users…

…then I got the old Quickbooks file off their old “server” and tried running QB. They are running Enterprise 8, which had been upgraded from QBE 7 a few months ago, which has been upgraded on a regular basis since Quickbooks Pro ’97.

Some of the desktop PCs sat at “Starting Quickbooks…….” for a long time. Some also came up with a Windows Installer window that wouldn’t go away.

There’s a known issue listed on the Quickbooks support site (“Clicking the QuickBooks icon displays the Microsoft Windows Installer message and QuickBooks does not start “): http://support.quickbooks.intuit.com/support/Pages/KnowledgeBaseArticle/1004428Which is all well and good. I start working away to do a repair reinstall of Quickbooks. No good. Move on to Part 3, Uninstall the “Quickbooks Product Listing Service.” Easy enough…..Hey, it’s asking for an .msi file that I can’t find (QBPLSInstaller.msi). Try with the QBE8 CD…still no good.

Turns out Quickbooks Product Listing Service is on the QBE7 CD. Fortunately the client is a pack-rat who didn’t throw away the older Quickbooks disks. Pop the Enterprise 7 CD in, Add/Remove Programs, Quickbooks Product Listing Service, reboot.Some of the machines started working OK at this point, others needed a Repair installation of QBE8.One machine didn’t even like a repair install of ent 8. I went through and tried the reboot.bat file in the Quickbooks directory, like shown here: http://msmvps.com/blogs/bradley/archive/2008/05/21/if-you-act-fast-the-laptop-may-still-be-in-one-piece.aspx

I ended up uninstalling everything Quickbooks…scouring the registry by hand to remove anything with the work “Intuit” or “Quickb” (took about 45 mins) and rebooted.After the restart I was finally able to get Quickbooks EE 8 running again.Crap list:

  • Symantec. There’s no reason why Norton’s uninstall should touch anything to do with Quickbooks.
  • Intuit. I removed BY HAND several hundred registry entries and files that were obviously Quickbooks-related. Why couldn’t the Quickbooks uninstaller wipe them out?
  • Me. I should have moved them off Norton AV LONG ago.

That’s why we schedule extra time for these things.

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