Best support experience in a LONG time

I just got off the phone with Garmin after one of the best customer support calls I’ve ever been involved with.

I have an old StreetPilot c330. It’s a very basic GPS that has held up well. Last weekend a small piece broke off the charging connector. I looked up on eBay and I can buy a new cradle for $40 or a used c330 GPS for $50. So I figured I’d call Garmin directly and see if I could order the small broken part, which should be about $10-$20.

I was a tiny bit frustrated that their support call center is only open US daytime hours but it’s not like this was essential to my life over the weekend.

I called Garmin and within two minutes was speaking with Pat. He broke the bad news: You can’t order just the small plastic broken part for a 5-year old GPS. I could order the whole cradle for about $50 direct, or….hold on just a moment…

Pat happened to have a new cradle for this unit on his desk. Being an obsolete, non-stock part he offered to ship it to me.


Like my son Zach says, “Starts with an F, ends with a Ree!”

Later this winter when I’m in the market for a GPS guess which brand will I seek out?

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