WORST experience in a LONG time.

I hate Windows Vista. Very, very much.

I took a one-time work order from a contracting company to help a home user with Vista. The machine was pretty well infested with malware; Windows Defender and Backup were both completely missing; pop-ups and all kinds of other crap.

Time for a repair installation, I figured. With any XP box I could whip up a quick repair install and be done within an hour.

When the Vista boxes say, “Your installation may take several hours to complete,” they MEAN several.

Each of the little 5 status lines goes to 100%. Each of them moves about 1% per minute.

This is a relatively new HP Elite desktop. It shouldn’t take 4 hours to refresh Windows so we can get our Defender and Backup back.

Normally I would have taken the machine back to the office and let the scans, etc chug away, but I wasn’t able to to that in this case.

I think Vista brings the end of on-site support. If a Vista PC is at all hosed it means bring it back to the home office and reinstall overnight.

It should not need to be this way.

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