First Thoughts: Quickbooks Enterprise 10

After doing a couple Quickbooks Enterprise 9->10 upgrades, let me offer the following thoughts:

  • The install is a bit more of a headache. Much more time sitting and waiting for things to happen. Made me glad I was able to get a whole lot of them spinning at the same time.
  • I don’t like the .NET framework. I had issues with one Vista client saying “there are no more files,” which is a problem with the .NET fw. This machine had a couple other issues so I just wiped and reinstalled. If I needed to fix it I would try manually reinstalling all traces of .net 3.5 and 3.5 SP1 then try QB again.
  • QODBC seems considerably faster in this version. I did not do any empirical testing on the interface but it seemed able to open large tables faster and queries “felt” faster.
  • QODBC also seems to be working more consistently without QB open. One of my apps had issues logging in as a particular user without the Quickbooks program running. This has worked properly during my initial testing now.
  • The “Test ODBC Connection” button in the QODBC connector setup didn’t work consistently. It actually looks like the tester crashed the connector when I tried that. My apps Teklynxs LabelView and an Access 2007 linked table) worked okay though.
  • Update: Further testing on “Test ODBC connection” worked okay with QB admin logged in.
  • I really like the Company Snapshot. It provides each user with the relevant numbers to start or end each day.
  • Opening QB 10 seems considerably slower on most of my clients’ XP machines. Operation of the program once started seems about the same.
  • Backup files seem to be about 1/3 the size of QBES 9 backups. I have done a couple test restores just to make sure it’s all there…that’s how small the backup files are!

Have you moved to QB 2010 or Enterprise 10 yet? How did that work out for you?

UPDATE: QODBC doesn’t seem to be any faster at generating index files. I have been waiting about 8 hours for a “Reload All Data” on a network PC. Good thing it’s the weekend with no server or network load….

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