Neat stuff coming this fall!

We’ve gotten previews of new Lenovo products coming in Fall 2012:

Coming in August is the updated X1 Carbon. Small, light, thin, fast ultra-portable notebook computer with 3G “internet anywhere” connection…with a standard 14 inch screen. According to TechCrunch, “If there ever was a true Macbook Air competitor…it’s the X1 Carbon.”

We expect the Lenovo X1 Carbon will be available in late August 2012 and start around $1,300. The perfect back-to-school present for your favorite CEO.

I had posted on FB before about the upcoming Lenovo Yoga convertible tablet. In case you missed it, here is an overview:

Lenovo UK released pricing for the device, around 1,199 UK pounds. Some analysts are directly converting this to $1,900 US but I expect we’ll be seeing this Windows 8 multi-format device in the $1,400-$1,500 range.

Lenovo Yoga is expected out in November 2012. Which means it will miss the back-to-school drop but should make it onto college students’ Christmas lists.

Finally, we’ve got the Solidoodle 2 3-d printer. 3-D printers make plastic parts by building up thin layers of material. These systems used to start at $2,000-3,000…the Solidoodle has a 6″x6″ workspace and starts at $499. It’s like having your own prototype shop (great for engineers), toy factory, or plastic sculpting shop. Why would you want one?

Yes, that’s a flute, made entirely from parts from such a printer. More info on the Solidoodle here..

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  • Karl Hakkarainen (@RoasterBoy)  On May 16, 2012 at 8:43 pm

    The thing that concerns me most about the new Lenovo laptops is that they’ve abandoned the legendary and wonderful ThinkPad keyboard. I’ve tried the flat keyboard that’s been used on the IdeaPad. It wasn’t bad but wasn’t what I’d been using for 15 years. I wound up buying a T series model and hope that Lenovo comes to its senses before it’s time for me to look for a replacement.
    Lenovo seems to have done very good things with the tablet line, staying close to what the business user expects.

    • gregc00  On May 16, 2012 at 10:08 pm

      Karl, the T-series and W-series still use the traditional keyboard. There are reasons why the new island-key-style boards are all the rage:
      -easier and cheaper to make spill-resistant
      -the keyboard itself can be made thinner and takes up less room in the case
      -it’s expected now in high-end thin-and-light systems
      Believe me, I notice a difference every time I move from my W510 to our family Edge 15 or Dell. In fact, I think I still have an old M-Series “clicky” keyboard on one of my shelves…but I’ll take the extra 1/4″ savings on something like an X1 or a Yoga.

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