Business Lesson: Reaching Out

The postcard came in the mail a couple weeks ago:

  • Single-stream recycling
  • $7 off per month for a year
  • Award-winning customer service
  • New rolling trash carts

Not this one, but similar:

So I called and signed up for a new trash service. Easy enough.

Then I called my old trash service to cancel.
“We offer that too…”
“I can match that price…”
“You should have told us you needed a new cover for your cart…” (this was an issue that annoyed me every week, but didn’t upset me enough to call and complain.

For a moment I felt bad about cancelling my service without letting them match the other offer and solve my problems.

But then I re-framed things in the context of my business.

Sometimes my clients say, “I didn’t know you offered phones…

Or, “I didn’t know you could take care of my internet service…”

Or, “I found a cheaper tech guy!”

After a few minutes of mulling things over, I asked myself a few questions.

  • Who lets my company’s clients know what services and products we offer?
  • How would I know if there were underlying problems annoying them?

In the years I used the old trash company, I don’t remember getting a single communication that

  • thanked me for my patronage
  • introduced a new service or better pricing
  • wanted to make sure I was happy. that there were no lingering issues that made me unhappy.

So when WAS the last time you checked in with your customers? (By the way, we can help with systems to track that…but that’s another story)

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