Tech Tuesday #7: Mobile Printing

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TechTuesdays from Charland Technology

Debbie from Gardner asks, “How do I print from my iPad?”

I’ll extend the question to include iPad, iPhone, Android phone (including my current Samsung Galaxy S3), android tablet (including my current favorite Kindle Fire HD).

If you’re just using Apple iDevices along with computers…it makes sense to look for a printer that supports Apple’s AirPrint standard. AirPrint simplifies printing by automating discovery and driver loading for these devices. Most new wireless printers and all-in-one devices are AirPrint-ready.

Second choice, search the App Store for your printer. Many printer manufacturers like Brother, HP, and Epson have apps that will let you print pictures and other content to your printer.

If you don’t want to buy a new printer, or your printer doesn’t support wireless, try Collobos’ FingerPrint. This program runs on your Windows or Mac computer and shares your printer for your iDevices. Make sure to run the trial before paying the $20 to buy it. There’s a great step-by-step guide on how-to geek for setting this up.

For Android devices things are a little more complicated. Android doesn’t have a built-in print handler like AirPrint. There is the Google Cloud Print program and app…there are about a dozen models of printer that will  automatically connect to the Google service,  Otherwise install the Cloud Print server to your computer and use the mobile-enabled service to print to your printer.

For business use, a nice choice is EFI PrintMe/PrintMe Mobile. This solution turns a computer into an AirPrint print server, similar to FingerPrint, but also offers an Android app to facilitate printing from other devices.

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