Thoughts on Newtown, CT 12/14/2012

A few thoughts.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and responders in Connecticut. It is an unimaginable tragedy that we’ll never fully understand.

But remember, 49 million other kids went to school today and came home safe and sound. As did yours and mine. Remember that over the past few years more kids have died in school bus accidents (which is also very, very, very few!) than from school shootings.

We need to let our kids explore, grow up, and live. Bad things can happen. We need to focus on things we CAN control (car seats/seat belts, safe driving, cutting smoking, keeping our homes fire-safe).

We also need to remember that there are places in the world where mass killings are an everyday occurance. Where people can’t travel alone, ever. Where there ARE no polce and first responders to start helping 100 seconds after something bad happens.

We live in age where everyone in the world can know about this bad news within minutes…and we miss the millions and millions of really good things that happened today.

Take a moment and hug your kids, for sure. Not because you’re afraid to lose them, but because you’re glad they’re here. Never forget the difference.

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