Tech Basics: The importance of backups

Quick question:

What is the most important thing you can do to protect your information?

It’s not antivirus.

Logos of several popular antivirus programs

It’s not a firewall. It’s not network protection, monitoring, or remote access monitoring.


Really expensive firewall

As much as I appreciate the value of good hardware, that’s not the most important thing.

Burned server equipment

These things are important. No one wants to deal with viruses, data getting out, replacing hardware, dealing with insurance companies, etc…

But backup is the part of this that can literally save your business:

  • Got the nasty CryptoLocker ransomware? Clean everything then recover from a recent backup.
  • Server hard disk failed, controller corrupted your data? Fix it, rebuild the server, recover from a recent backup.
  • Fire burned down your facility? Choose your future systems, get a temporary setup, and recover from a recent backup.
  • Cloud provider went out of business? Re-load data from a recent backup.
  • Ex-employee erased a bunch of folders on her way out the door? You guessed it, recover from a recent backup.

Which brings us to the key here. Information backup can have different forms, speeds, and capacities. There are many places and technologies that we can use to save your stuff.

Our role is to look at your organization and choose protection against the risks you face.

However it’s done, backup is the first and last word in protecting your business.

backup safe

Questions about your backup and data protection plans? We’re here to help!



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